We operate from Helsinki (Kaasutintie 20 b) in the almost entire Helsinki metropolitan area. 


  • We tow vehicles from mopeds to trucks!
  • Our services also include ditch pulls and winches, tire replacement, start-up assistance and jump start
  • We transport different type of machinery up to six tonnes
  • We pick up scrap cars

On the road maintenance service for construction machinery and trucks

  • Through us you will get almost all maintenance and repairs on construction machines and trucks. We also do maintenance and repair for example small machines, drills, compressors and aggregates.
  • We will come there, where customer is. Thanks to our professional staff and a wide range of tools we usually get things done right away.

Call us and we'll take care of the rest - including billing your Finnish insurance company!

Towing and Road Service

044 020 2100

Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance

050 514 4948
Kaasutintie 20 b, Helsinki